➢ Pre-auction Consulting

Working with your auction committee, we ensure that all aspects of your fundraising event are thoughtfully and strategically considered for a successful event that hits your goals.  Our specific expertise is why nonprofits and schools turn to us for crafting events that are memorable and inspiring for your supporters, and profitable for your organization. We work closely with your team on all aspects of your event in pre-planning sessions that begin as early as one year in advance, and we are by your side right up to the day of the event.

➢ Live Auctioneering Services

A skilled auctioneer is prized for their ability to engage the audience and effectively energize and entertain the crowd while the bids are flying.  A Benefit Auction Specialist goes one step further in their abilities to excite and inspire your audience towards motivated giving in support of your cause.  The live auction is the keystone of your fundraising event and we specialize in providing this dynamic and distinct service.

➢ Coordination of Auction Personnel & Volunteers

We assist with choosing and coordinating with emcees, spotters, featured speakers, technicians, clerks, display people, runners, raffle and game ticket salespeople, and we help coordinate the staffing necessary for your event.

➢ Timeline Construction for Event

The timeline of your event is crucial for encouraging participation and focusing your guests. We work closely with you to thoughtfully construct a timeline that ensures the energy of the event flows throughout - placing key aspects such as silent auction closings, the cocktails and meal service, the start of the live auction, paddle raise, or raffles.  We also provide guidance in how to place live auction items in an order that will maximize interest and bidding for maximum profit.

➢ Room Layout Consultation

Stage location, sound system, screens for PowerPoint or video presentations, silent auction tables, food area, bars, check IN/OUT areas.

➢ Emcee Services, including:

Introduction of special guests, Heads or Tails and other fun revenue-generating activities, silent auction related announcements, raffle drawings, games, and all announcements.

➢ Professional Bid Assistants (Spotters)

Professional bid assistants help the auctioneer find and build active bidders during the live auction - they know how to engage the audience and they are trained in techniques that keep the event atmosphere fun and exciting, and the bid tempo on point.  Their quick reaction time and ability to read the crowd while working in tandem with our auctioneer boosts your bottom line as bids are bumped upwards with a final push, or a stalled low item gains momentum with our practiced teamwork. Professional bid assistants play an important role in live auctions - they elevate your supporters’ experience of the event and increase your auction profits.

➢ Post-auction debrief meeting

We analyze the event’s production process, engagement, and results.  Assessing what worked and what didn’t via our thorough review will give you the tools to innovate your next event and deepen your relationships with your supporters.


Don’t you want a great one representing your organization?

Are you an Auction Chairperson or Development Director tasked with finding a professional fundraising auctioneer for your next event? If so, wouldn't you like to hire someone that specializes in benefit auctions, but also one that makes your organization sound great? Mitch does just that, while selling your live auction items and delivering each and every announcement during an event.

From the time doors open, Mitch is known for making all announcements with flair, clarity, and just the right amount of humor - all with a tone that is easy on your ears. Sound techs love working with him and he is often recognized by his warm and inviting voice first, whether at an event or an auction planning meeting.

An auctioneer’s voice and “chant” are two of the most recognizable traits of the profession. People come to auctions of all types to hear the auctioneer, pick up a great deal or outbid someone and contribute to a special cause. What is a great fundraising auction without a great sounding auctioneer?  In addition to being a professional benefit auctioneer, Mitch is also a voice actor.