From as early as a year in advance until the day of your event, we work with you and your auction team to ensure that all aspects of your event are thoughtfully and strategically planned out in order to achieve the most successful auction possible.


The auctioneer’s “chant,” engagement with the audience, and ability to energize and entertain guests are what auction-goers expect.  We specialize in providing this dynamic service and are happy to provide references from past clients. Please see our Endorsements section. We provide assistance with helping you decide what items fit best in the live auction, as well as  placing those items in an order that maximizes interest and bidding


We help you brainstorm ideas for exciting silent auction items, provide direction for organizing those items to maximize bidding, advise you on table placement, and offer creative ideas to make sure your silent auction succeeds. Silent auctions are often one of the top moneymakers at fundraising events, and we can recommend strategies to help make this area effective and profitable.


Professional bid assistants assist the auctioneer by finding active bidders during the live auction and they answer questions and help your guests connect with the auctioneer. They engage the audience and play an important role at benefit auctions.


We help coordinate, train and direct volunteers and staff in all of the following activities and positions as they relate to the live and silent auctions, games and other revenue-generating areas: the special appeal or paddle raise, featured/keynote speakers, emcee, spotters, technicians, clerks, display personnel and runners.

TIMELINE Creation for your EVENT

A carefully thought-out timeline is an essential part of a successful gala and auction. It focuses your guests and encourages participation, and is an indispensable part of a prosperous fundraiser.  We also help you decide which items fit best in the live and silent auctions, and we will place live auction items in an order that maximizes interest and bidding.  Let our experience with all kinds of groups in a variety of settings help you shine.


The layout of the room or rooms at your venue plays an important role in how smoothly your event will unfold. Auctions For Good can help you in this area.  For your guests to feel comfortable and easily move from area to area to bid on items or sign up for parties and experiences, give careful thought to placement of the stage, silent auction tables, food and bar areas, auction item pick up area, check in/out tables, screens for photo or video presentations, the sound system and speakers.

Emcee duties

We also specialize in: Introduction of special guests, entertainers, conduct games such as Heads or Tails (a great pre-auction icebreaker), run-around during the special appeal, and other fun, revenue-generating activities.


Don’t you want a great one representing your organization?

Are you an Auction Chairperson or Development Director tasked with finding a professional fundraising auctioneer for your next event? If so, wouldn't you like to hire someone that specializes in benefit auctions, but also one that makes your organization sound great? Mitch does just that, while selling your live auction items and delivering each and every announcement during an event.

From the time doors open, Mitch is known for making all announcements with flair, clarity, and just the right amount of humor - all with a tone that is easy on your ears. Sound techs love working with him and he is often recognized by his warm and inviting voice first, whether at an event or an auction planning meeting.

An auctioneer’s voice and “chant” are two of the most recognizable traits of the profession. People come to auctions of all types to hear the auctioneer, pick up a great deal or outbid someone and contribute to a special cause. What is a great fundraising auction without a great sounding auctioneer?  In addition to being a professional benefit auctioneer, Mitch is also a voice actor.