Gratitude and your guests...

23550020_10155630560150751_239465718487175474_o (1).jpg a meaningful gesture made a lasting impact!

Acknowledging and thanking donors, sponsors, and guests is an important part of any fundraising event. It shows how much you appreciate their dedication and contributions to your cause, and strengthens these beneficial relationships in the years to come.

Auctions For Good recently had the honor of working with a great organization called The Pixie Project. They exemplified a fun and authentic way to show gratitude to their successful bidders. With a personalized touch from Executive Director Amy Sacks, The Pixie Project raised guest appreciation to a new level!

What made the difference?

During the live auction at The Pixie Project's "Pixie Party" Amy Sacks quickly confirmed the winner after each auction item was sold, ran over to them and gave them a big hug and personally thanked them for supporting Pixie! I was elated and stunned!

Amy Sacks on the left, encouraging guests to support Pixie Project.

Amy Sacks on the left, encouraging guests to support Pixie Project.

We often see guests and donors thanked by listing their name in the program, displayed on screen, or by verbal announcement at the event itself. At the Pixie Party, Amy went above and beyond by connecting with each winning bidder personally; she showed them - and the 350 attendees in the room - how much their support meant to her and the entire Pixie Project organization. By seizing the opportunity to express gratitude in this delightful and meaningful way, Amy made a lasting impression that deepens the ties between The Pixie Project and their benefactors. 

I believe diehard Pixie fans are in part won over because of this kind of gratitude and passion, along with the great care they show the dogs and cats that spend time in their facility.

My message to you while planning your next event: consider unique ways to demonstrate gratitude for your guests - when you strengthen your connection to your community, you'll grow dividends for your cause.

Show them how you care in a big and public way. This display of gratitude doesn’t have to come from the founder, or others at the top levels of an organization or school. It can come from a volunteer, a staff member, or a parent from the PTA - but the point is to do it. Your guests will be in awe and will love it! You’ll win fans who will become devoted supporters. At Auctions for Good we work with our partners to spark these moments of meaningful connection - they are the foundation for building lasting, beneficial relationships within our community.  


If a hug isn’t your thing for those winning bidders, try a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, a fantastic dessert, or a special gift commemorating your event. Make it yours, make it special, and you’ll be glad you did. 

Let's connect and talk about the many ways that you can wow your guests at your next fundraising event!