Energize your next meeting with a Benefit Auction!

Looking to energize your group at your next meeting?

Many of us have attended regular weekly, monthly or quarterly business meetings during our work lives. These meetings may be with our employer for training, company updates, or a board meeting. We also attend professional association or networking meetings like those offered by Chambers of Commerce and other organizations.

Regardless of the nature of regularly scheduled meetings, their agendas fall into predictable patterns out of necessity, habit or tradition. This may be fine for some, but for others it’s a reason to take a pass on the gathering or duck out early. Do you sometimes find yourself wishing, after months or years of attending one of these meetings, for something to change? Anything? So you don’t either fall asleep or tune out a speaker? If this sounds familiar, read on...

Raising funds for a great cause lifts & engages your group

Wouldn’t you love to arrive at your next scheduled morning or lunch meeting to discover that organizers have thought ahead and planned something out of the ordinary - exciting and beneficial to you and your community? Auctions For Good is at your rescue! We offer just such a welcome departure with benefits that will add spice to your next meeting.

Whether a social, planning, networking, or Chamber of Commerce gathering, a small benefit auction inserted into your 1-2 hour meeting will revive and inspire many of your guests and have them leave saying: “what a terrific idea and we helped a great organization!”

We have offered simplified mini live benefit auctions of 2-4 items at business meetings and love the reception we’ve been getting. Forget all the logistical planning and personnel that come with putting on larger fundraisers. A mini benefit auction among your peers or colleagues is the perfect setting to have some fun, raise money and inject new energy into a meeting.

Recently, Auctions For Good was invited by the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center to their weekly Friday morning meeting at Gresham Ford. We auctioned off two items to benefit Snowcap Community Charities to about 100 guests. Gresham Ford also contributed to Snowcap  during the meeting, ensuring the effort to give to a great cause was a success. Snowcap Community Charities provides food and clothing, a mobile food pantry, and back to school supplies for those in need in East Multnomah County.  It's a terrific organization that benefited not only from the financial support of the participants that day, but also from the broader awareness of the organization brought to the attendees at their weekly meeting.

Auctions For Good makes this easy.

We help businesses plan these mini events  - here's all you need to keep it simple:

  • 2-4 donated new items with wide appeal from local businesses or individuals 

  • A 5-10 minute presentation by a representative from the nonprofit or school you are supporting, or someone from your group 

  • A professional benefit auctioneer to create excitement, engage your audience and sell your items 

  • Method(s) for accepting payment  

  • Simple PA system – if needed depending on the size of your group

That's it!  Auctions For Good will set you up for success.

If you would like to be a hero at your next meeting, suggest holding a small benefit auction and give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and walk you through what this will look like. Our fee for this service is affordable and straight forward. We look forward to hearing from and working with your group!

  • Do you need help with your upcoming fundraiser or benefit auction? 

  • Thinking about how you can engage more deeply with your audience?