Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church fundraiser, November 18, 2017!

I'm looking forward to helping the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, a neighborhood church, 125 years old this year, keep its building in shape.  With over a million dollars in repairs and upgrades needed in the next 5-10 years, the first of more fundraisers to come will be held later this year on November 18th at the church.  Click on this link to read an article from the SE Examiner newspaper.

As the article states, the church also houses a hugely popular pilot nonprofit, TaborSpace.  This organization functions as a community hub, offering a coffee shop with a barista training program, as well as numerous classes, events, concerts, etc. that over 3000 people use/attend each week.  Check it and the church out if you live in the area.

It's been a pleasure being a new member of this fundraising committee and helping be a part of the success of the effort to improve the church building.

Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church  54th and Belmont Street

Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church

54th and Belmont Street