Hiring Mitch as Project Access NOW's auctioneer was one of the best investments our organization made in planning for a successful event. More than just an auctioneer, Mitch offered critical consultation weekly - often daily - as our event approached, attending meetings and rallying staff, volunteers, and board members with his humor, expertise, and extensive fundraising experience. The night of our event, his performance and energy electrified the room and made our guests excited to support our work. Our fundraising event was the most successful in the history of our organization, growing our net event revenue by more than 60% over previous years, and Mitch was a huge part of the reason why. "        

Derrick Campbell - Marketing & Development Coordinator  
Linda Nilsen - Executive Director
Project Access Now

We have had the pleasure of working with Mitch Lambley for our past two auction cycles and have already hired him for next year. We really appreciate how Mitch has taken the time to get to know our unique school and has worked with us to increase our auction earnings year over year. In the lead up to the auction, Mitch is organized, detailed oriented and a great with communications. On auction night, Mitch works the crowd without being pushy. He has a good sense of humor and develops a rapport with the audience and emcee. Mitch works hard to bring attention to key items during the silent auction and he puts a lot of energy into the live auction and paddle raise. With Mitch at the helm, our paddle raise this year was the largest ever! Thank you Mitch! 

                  Andrea Weinman ~ Auction Chair Pacific Crest CommunitySchool

Mitch helped us through our first auction and it was a huge success. At the planning stage he was very giving with his insight and expertise. And on the night of the event, he was a wonderful auctioneer: warm, witty, and very good with the crowd. Mitch motivated our supporters to give generously, and that night, we made double what we expected.

Sam Hendricks, Director of Program Development ~ Peace In Schools

Mitch was worth every penny, a lot of fun and we look forward to a long term relationship with him. He worked the room, was not pushy, worked well with our group and made us more money than we had made in the past (even with the economic woes), which will be put to good use to help stop animal suffering in Costa Rica. Highly recommended!

Rita Divore, President ~ Sasy! Costa Rica

When the Fundraising Committee for Atkinson Memorial Church came together to begin planning the year’s traditional annual auction, we wanted to step up the results a bit. But how could we do that? We were seasoned fundraising people but we were running out of ideas. The notion of hiring a professional auctioneer was considered but the worry over an added expense caused us all to worry even more. Still, we did some investigation and came across Mitch Lambley’s name and read how he had helped other non-profits, churches especially, meet their fundraising goals.

We asked for a meeting with him. From the first introduction we knew we had taken the right step! Mitch listened to us and offered some initial ideas for how we could make our event more successful. Those initial ideas told us that Mitch would be well worth his fee and then some! We took the plunge! Mitch stepped in with two more planning sessions with us, going over every detail and explaining how ideas could best work.

He was amazing! He helped shape our event into one that made it fun and entertaining for everyone! And we even realized 50% more profit after paying his service fee. Yes, he brought the success we wanted, but he also delivered more: He instilled a sense of confidence for our auction that gave it that life and energy that energized everyone who attended. Then, to cap off everything, Mitch met with us afterwards to evaluate what had worked and what we might consider for next year’s event. Mitch has become part of our team with his auctioneering service that is professional and friendly and fun and prosperous. We made the right choice!

Jerry Spriggs, Auction Committee ~ Atkinson Memorial Church 

I have nothing but positive thoughts about our experience with Mitch Lambley this past spring. Mitch was responsive, personable, knowledgable, and a lot of fun. As a rookie auction chair for a cooperative preschool I was looking for an auctioneer that was willing and able to be accessible for questions and consultation throughout the process leading up to auction night. Mitch delivered. He was always just a phone call or email away.

Nicole Olszewski, Auction Chair ~ Multnomah Playschool 

You led us to another Better than ever Summer Garden Party this year! Thank you so much for all your advice, support, gentle herding, artful repartee with Dough O’Brien and for nudging our lovely audience to a level of generosity never before experienced by Portland Impact at an event. Words can not express our deep appreciation for all you’ve brought to this event. The Live Auction specifically increased by 50%, and the bid for the cause increased by 80%. Neither would have realized that tremendous growth without you!  Your many contributions to our organization are profoundly appreciated and very warmly received by all of us who have the pleasure of working with you.

Susan I. Stoltenberg ~ Executive Director Impact Northwest 

Our small animal organization has used Mitch as our auctioneer for two of our benefits now and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome both times. At each event, our group had a few challenges that were thrown at Mitch to work with and both times, he was able to navigate through them well! It was incredible to see how much extra revenue we were able to get with hiring a professional auctioneer. Mitch has been an incredible asset to our fundraiser! His sense of humor is much appreciated and his professionalism is outstanding. Thanks Mitch for all you've done to help us with our cause!!  

                                                                                                                                                          Beth Carroll ~ American Association of Zoo Keepers

We owe a big part of our success in fundraising to Mitch, who served as our auctioneer for the 6th year! He was so helpful in all aspects of our big annual auction. We are a small school with a big fundraising auction and Mitch has helped walk us through the planning and execution of our event. He is a wonderful auctioneer, so funny and animated! I'd recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, passionate and professional auctioneer.     

Mercedes Moore, Auction Chair ~ Multnomah Playschool

Mitch did a terrific job as auctioneer for Oregon Environmental Council (OEC)'s 40th anniversary event and fundraiser.  This was OEC's first large fundraising event and Mitch was there to guide us every step of the way.  He provided several hours of consulting to us prior to the event advising us on how to maximize fundraising during the event.  He provided us with valuable insight about how to market our auction items to attendees before the event.  Mitch was professional, enthusiastic and easy to work with.  He also did a great job of working with our MC on-stage without much preparation beforehand.  Mitch met with us after the event to discuss his feedback of how the event went, what went well, and what could be improved for the next time.  We thank Mitch for helping to make our event a success and for making it possible for us to exceed our fundraising goal!

                                                                                                                                                   Michele Goodman Oregon Environmental Council


Mitch proved to be the perfect fit for our needs. He is a professional with good experience who helped us more much more than we anticipated. He instructed us on the order of the oral auction items, gave us great advice on how to manage our “Raise the Paddle” and made great suggestions on how to create a lively bidding atmosphere for our event. In addition, he proved to be a great help with our silent auction – announcing section closings and creating a spirited bidding environment that our guests really enjoyed. I was most impressed with Mitch’s ability to inspire bidding without making our guests feel pressured or uncomfortable. He has a great sense of humor and proved to be the perfect personality fit for our event.

Katie O’Brien
Auction Chair
Raleigh Park Elementary


Mitch was a tremendous asset to our fundraising auction. Very professional and enthusiastic in all that he did. His insights to making the evening flow smoothly and his identifying areas we could increase revenue were invaluable. Mitch’s seamless transitions with the emcee coupled with his humor made it a fun night. We look forward to partnering with Mitch again.

Dave Crosswhite
US Director of Operations
Africa New Life Ministries


From the start, Mitch Lambley was available to provide guidance to our Auction Committee on item procurement ideas, facilities, event program, location set up, Live Auction item selection, and overall event management. He provided us creative and fun ways to engage the auction attendees at the start of the event and he and his staff were able to manage the Live Auction event seamlessly. Post event, Mitch provided valuable suggestions for future events which will definitely be put into use in our 2009 Auction planning.

We valued the guidance that was provided by Auctions For Good, both before and after the event and look forward to utilizing Mitch’s services in future years.

Leslie Hertford, Auction Chair
Uplands Elementary School